Nimroz welcomed the establishment of public universities

Create public universities in the province of Nimroz ceremony of welcome and important step in the direction of education know it.
During the ceremony, the governor of Nimroz, the heads of military and civilian circles, people's representatives in the Wolesi Jirga and the House and Mshranh, provincial council members, scholars Cram, Vsran influential people, civil society activists, women and youth were present.
Engineer Mohammad sami Nimroz governor said universities as the Year 1396 young people can grow their talents and abilities and serve the community.
Nimroz governor said in the sensitive conditions Education is the only tool that can help us to progress into the future.
In addition, the governor of Nimroz province, officials and university teachers will provide facilities for president.
Nimroz representatives in the Wolesi Jirga, Mshranh Jirga and Provincial Council member universities as very important and put it as an important step to consider education and youth development in the province.
The Ministry of Higher Education Prof. Lotfollah Haghparast Chairman Appointment and promotion, Pvhnyar Najibullah contribute to the planning department and head of human resources and Anjynyrsyd Mystic Zvfny comprehensive policy review later added: Vtshklyl the university budget in the fiscal 1396 budget incorporated in year 1396 the university accepts students in the field of education.
Nimroz province so far there have been no public universities and most young people, especially girls, in the province after school Azfraght, were denied their entrance to higher education.