Celebration of the Constitution at nimroz!

The same year thirteen days of the adoption of the Constitution during a ceremony celebrating CBC's at noon. At the ceremony, the Governor of Nimroz, provincial Council members, Dwyer, the heads of the elders, women and youth, Krum clerics attended.Engineer mohammad sami Governor: reach the stage in a country's Constitution, growth and development of the society and its people, and the Constitution of Afghanistan in the region Act is unmatched. The Governor of Nimroz said all of us should respect the country's Constitution and law institutionalization of a culture of flexibility among themselves. Provincial Council Chief Baz Mohammad Nasser and Hezbollah Chief Maulawi Hajj pilgrimage, and guidance on the importance of the Constitution and added: If we want peace, security and development in the country must achieve all of the citizens of the country of the Constitution we all used to efficiently solve the problems of society. Based on the excellent presidential authority, command of the 20th up to 14 weeks, serious Kudos and commemorated in the calendar of the Constitution of the country survey.